Thursday, December 23, 2021

A new blog

     As you could see, I am no longer writing about simulation nor playing it by the way... But I am still involved in other games and blogging. After having written a couple articles about HeroQuest on this Blog, I am now working on a new project :

NFTs, Crytpos and Blockchains

  This new blog intends at introducing non initiated to all those new technologies... Do not hesitate to have a look there and give me feed-backs

Monday, April 13, 2020

[DCS] Su-27 : Check-lists v0.5

I've once more updated my document on the Su-27. This version is now comprehensive and should do the job for almost any kind of flight. Yet it is still really basic and needs further improvement... Do not hesitate to send feed-backs after you've tried it.

After the 2 basic navigation training missions, I'm working on a new mission dedicated to the sensors. In this mission you will find different type of planes and radars so that you can drill your SPO-15 understanding and management of your radar and EOS. The aim of this mission is to train on the situation awareness which is key to any engagement...

Intercepting a Su-25 with the radar

Intercepting a AN-50 only with SPO15 and visual contact

Thursday, April 9, 2020

[DCS] Visiting the Persian Gulf

Enjoying the two stay at home days by DCS I've been flying for more than an hour in the Persian Gulf theater and have taken some pictures of it :

[DCS] Su-27 Check-lists and procedures version 0.4 is online

Here is the latest version of the check-lists and procedures for the Sukhoi Su-27. I've tested it on a navigation including Fence-In and Fence-out both in daylight and at night. It seems to work perfectly well...

I am also building a campaign for beginners on this plane in order to practice these procedures. It starts with a training period and should ends with operational engagements. Stay tuned...

Thursday, April 2, 2020

[DCS] Su-27 : Check lists updated

I have added new check-lists to the Su-27. You can go now through Fence-In, Fence-Out to the Engine shut off.
Check it out there