Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Major changes in the blog

Considering that this Blog has been offline for a long time and that it had already occurred several times in the past I am giving up one of the major rules of my flights : continuity.

You may have noticed that each flight started where the previous one had stopped. Regardless of the simulator I used. That was nice in the beginning, giving a long flight record as you can see on the map below :

Yet that was too much restrictive and I couldn't fly the simulator I wanted to unless it had a map of the world area I was supposed to be in. Most of the time it meant flying with FSX to move to an area that was existing in another simulator like DCS World or Falcon 4 BMS.

As I don't have much time to fly these days, I couldn't stand this rule and I realize now that it was the main reason for not being able to publish on this Blog.

As a conclusion, I will now fly kinds of "snapflights" regardless of the virtual location or anything else...

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Monday, October 15, 2018

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Sorry for the break

I know it has been a while since I haven't written an article there. But I am quite busy at work, and I spend some of my spare time developing an application that runs on Android : Memory des Nombres
It is a game based on the Memory designed to help young children (between 4 and 8) to learn reading numbers... Yet it might be quite challenging for grown ups too. Do not hesitate to check it out and try to rank at the first place ;)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

[FSX] Pilatus PC6 Porter : Through Turkey (Part. 1)

The next stage of my journey will bring me from Cyprus to continental part of Turkey. My destination will be Adana airport LTAF.
Since I will be flying over the sea, I have to fill a flight plan.

-N0117F050 3542N3434E/N117F045 3612N3456E ADA

 Once validated by IFPS, I can focus on the airport charts. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any documentation about Gecitkale. Thus I focus on LTAF at Adana.  The active runway is 09, so I will carry out a direct departure to the East.

Then I will fly to the North-East end of the island to cross the sea at the shortest and reach the shores of Turkey. Then I will follow the coast until I'm close to LTAF.

To land I decided to follow VOR 1 landing chart. As far as I understood, I had to go right over the ADA VOR (112.7) at 3000 ft then turn to the 206° for 2 minutes. Next step is to turn right to intercept 51° radial and descend to 2500 ft and wait to be at 7.5 nm from the airfield to start descending on final. It looks easy except that I have no clue on how I will determine when I will be 7.5 nm far from the runway.
I will use LTAG Incirlik airport as a divert landing site in case of problem. Both are really close from one another.
Concerning fuel, I start with the amount I had at the end of the previous flight : 135 gal.

Ready to take-off

Leaving Gecitkale
 After take-off, I immediately climb to 5500 ft heading 52° to follow the island until it's far end. It is also time to train using that propeller lever. Once on cruise condition, I reduce use it to my RPM and watch the torque grow as a consequence. During all this phase, throttle is left at around 85% which is marked green on the tachometer.

Turning point
24 minutes later I'm on my turning point. A look at my fuel gauge tells me I'm still good : 130 gal. So I turn left to face the sea. As I'm now flying to the 310° I have to descend to 4500 ft.

Over the sea
 From Cyprus island I can see the shores of Turkey which is quite comfortable in deed. After a short 27 flight, I reach the coast.

Arriving in Turkey
 I'm quite earlier than scheduled on my turning point but it is not a problem. I still have 125 gal, much more than required to reach Adana or Incirlik. I'm now intercepting the 49° radial of ADA VOR which will bring me directly to the airport. I'm descending to 3500 ft to fit the even and odd altitude requirements.

Along the coast
I can now take some time to have a look at the traffic airplanes around :

AI traffic

AI traffic

 Suddenly the weather turns a bit stormy and I have to descend to 1500 ft to avoid being to close to the clouds.

Under de clouds
 Finally I cross the shore line which indicates I'll be soon over the VOR beacon.

Crossing the shore line
 A few minutes later, I can see my HSI flipping from To to From, telling me I'm right over the beacon. Now it's time to turn right to the 206° and to descend to 2500 ft. 2 minutes later, I turn again on the right to intercept the 49° radial which will lead me directly to the final leg.

On final
 After a really short landing, I taxi to the general aviation parking and stop my engine.

Taxi at LTAF

 This was quite a good flight for me. I never had doubt about my navigation, I was on time on my waypoints and I finally managed to handle that propeller lever.

Flight map

Monday, February 19, 2018

[FSX] Pilatus PC6 Porter : On the road again (Part 2)

Now it's time to go for the first step of my travel to the next theater... As scheduled, this first flight will take me from Akrotiri LCRA to Gecitkale LCGK.I will follow a VFR flight plan along the shores of Cyprus.

As the weather changed since the last flight, the active runway is now 28.

Ready to take-off on runway 28
 When in the air, I follow the left hand circuit to rejoin the sea and start my navigation.

Downwind leg

I leave the airbase at 08:07 and climb to 9,500 ft as I head to the 56° to reach the VOR beacon LCA. I should be on it at 08:27.

Flying along the coast.
A few minutes later, I can see Larnaca airport on my left.

Larnaca in sight
Still a few minutes to fly and I'm proud to see that I am be precisely on time over my turning point. My remaining fuel is 150 gal which is very good too. 

Over Larnaca
 It is the occasion to have a look at the AI traffic thanks to World of AI

AI traffic on parking

Aegean airline in flight

Now I can turn left to follow the 14° radial which will make me follow the coast. 
Then after a few minutes, I have to turn right to follow the 88° course. And after a 20 minutes flight I turn right again to the 325°. Thus I have to descend to 8,500 ft to fit the VFR altitude rules (Even South West).

Another few minutes later, I see my destination airfield on my right.

Destination in sight
As it is a non controlled airfield, I just announce myself and my intending to land there. Thanks to the good weather conditions and the clear picture of the airfield I decide to enter directly in final leg and land at once.

Landed at Gecitkale.
I touch the ground at 09:00 with a few minutes late. I still have 140 gal in my tank. It should be enough for the next flight. I stop the plane and shut it down before the next flight...

My flight plotted on the map

Today was quite an easy flight yet I still had trouble managing the throttle and the power lever. This is going to be the main axis of work of the following sessions.