Tuesday, March 31, 2020

[DCS] Su-27: Here I fly again

Here I am again in the air with a new project : flying the [DCS] SU-27.

As usual after a long break, I have to familiarize again with the simulator. Yet it is a good opportunity to start all again with a new plane and learning its procedures.

The designated target will be the Sukhoi Su-27.

This plane has always been my favorite from the time I saw it for real at Le Bourget Airshow or when I played with it on Flanker simulator (the very first one).

To start I had to gather information about this plane and its procedures. As the documentation provided by DCS manual is really poor I have been given a link to a very comprehensive document that can be found on http://www.secretprojects.co.uk.
Based on this document and on the previous check-lists I had already written (see the documentation page on this blog) I began to write and test the cold and dark procedures for this plane.

Here are some pictures of it

First step is to check the plane and the cockpit:

Then start the engines:

And finally taxi to the runway.

You can find the 0.2 version of my check-lists here or check the documentation page.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Check lists back online

I've uploaded the check-lists for DCS Su-25T and Falcon 4 BMS Mirage 2000 to a new server. It is now possible to download them from the Documentation page on this blog.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Major changes in the blog

Considering that this Blog has been offline for a long time and that it had already occurred several times in the past I am giving up one of the major rules of my flights : continuity.

You may have noticed that each flight started where the previous one had stopped. Regardless of the simulator I used. That was nice in the beginning, giving a long flight record as you can see on the map below :

Yet that was too much restrictive and I couldn't fly the simulator I wanted to unless it had a map of the world area I was supposed to be in. Most of the time it meant flying with FSX to move to an area that was existing in another simulator like DCS World or Falcon 4 BMS.

As I don't have much time to fly these days, I couldn't stand this rule and I realize now that it was the main reason for not being able to publish on this Blog.

As a conclusion, I will now fly kinds of "snapflights" regardless of the virtual location or anything else...